Akodo Chiharu

Daughter of Akodo Okamoto, she is a yojimbo for her father, who has retired to be a military adviser, she is a delicate and refined young woman who seems more like a courtier than a bushi, though her training is with the Akodo Bushi School. It is said she is as lovely as her mother and noble as her father.

"Light as the air and sharp as a knife."


Perfect Girl

Chiharu was born about a year after her parent's marriage. Her parent may at best have been friends but the two of them adored her. The two of them showered her with affection. She grew up with her mother's grace, and her father's noble bearing.

Her parents never had another child. As time went on she became more important to them.

Her childhood wasn't perfect, her father had made many enemies and they came for his life with startling regularity. Always if her father had time he would ask for his family to be spared any hate or revenge. He never lost he was never killed but this all left an impression on the young girl.

Good Student, Poor Learner

She could have chosen to go to any school in the Lion, or maybe even one of the Clans her father had made friends with, but Chiharu decided she wanted to be an Akodo Bushi like her father. Her ultimate goal was to become someone who could protect her father like he had protected her.

Okamoto forbid her from studying at the Akodo Dojo, then she begged him to change his mind. He found he couldn't say no to her so he allowed it.

Chiharu was not good at being a Bushi, if mankind is given it's destiny to be something from birth she was meant to be something other than a fighter. Her father often said she should fight with a fan not a sword.

Chiharu had to work twice as hard as the other students just to keep up. She was eager but not talented. Ever chance she had to she studied and work with a sword she took it.

By her gempukku she was her Sensei's best student.


Akodo Chiharu gained a innate ability to tell when someone was plotting to kill her father, excelling at spotting spies and infiltrators, using the skills she was naturally good at to aid her as a bodyguard. Her technique improved as she fought side by side with her father.

When her father retired to become an adviser she stayed on as his bodyguard with her cousin's permission1 She often wears full armour with her mempo up, she will appear as a man until she removes her helmet or mempo.

It has taken her a long time but she is now as good a bushi as any other Akodo of her rank, maybe in some ways better.

Her and her father are the best of friends, she has given up on the idea of getting married, she knows her father will not allow it until he is dead and to wish to get married is to wish her father dead, an idea that breaks her heart.

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