Bayushi Kioshi

The middle brother of the Three Son of Bayushi, called Quiet by his family members often. An excellent Bayushi Courtier who everyone is nervous about, while knowing they need to know him. Kioshi comes off as very friendly and open however he's the type of person who after talking to you suddenly realize you know nothing about him.

Most who he sets his site against are forced to end their political carrier in shame, there is only one person who has escaped this fate Isawa Katashi, the Brother of the Elemental Master of Fire. It was been observed that Kioshi isn't actually following through in taking the Phoenix down. Kioshi's waffling may lead to a Scorpion, Phoenix war.

"Everyone's Friend, Everyone's Enemy." - Doji Renjiro

Nurse Maid's Son

Kioshi is the Bastard son of his older brother's Nanny, the Scorpion Daiymo at the time adopted Kioshi as a second son. As such Kioshi could never be Daiymo.

Kioshi was not raised to be bitter about his lot in life. He was more then happy to be the bastard son no one expected anything out of and the one who got in trouble for Yori. Kioshi was considered less threatening then his brother and as a young child was far more social with everyone serving in the Daiymo's home.

The Daiymo remarried after the death of his wife and had a third son who was name Manabu. Kiohi was not jealous Manabu took no position or place that belonged to him he just went back to being the friendly bastard.

Visiting Tsuma

Kioshi was not broken of his habits of wondering when the Daiymo attended the Topaz Champion Ship with the most worthy seeming Scorpions that year. Kioshi still a child, felt free to wonder the Kakita Dojo and the town with little concern about the possible danger.

Kioshi wondering around ended up joining a large Crane Family, which do to there being seven children The teacher who's family he had joined up with and started to get to know only notices when they stopped to buy dinner and he suddenly realized he was feeding 8 mouths instead of seven.

The teacher, Kakita Hiroshi fed all the children then took them to where the Scorpions were staying and gave Kioshi back to the Bayushi guards there.

The next day Kioshi snuck back to sit with Hiroshi and his family. The Kakita rushed the Scorpion back to his family each time this happened not wanting to anger the Scorpion Clan Daiymo.

Kioshi started writing the family addressing the Kakitas as Second Family.

Failing Out of Bushi Training

Kioshi like both of his brothers started his training at the Honour's Lesson Dojo. Kioshi was not well suited for the training and soon was removed and sent off to the Bayushi Courtier School where he excelled.

He still kept contact with both his families, his real one and the one he had snuck his way into during the visit to Crane Lands. When he received word that his father had been killed.

Kioshi returned home immediately to be with his Brothers, Yori and Manabu. Kioshi had always been a carefree person living just inside the being a Samurai giving him more freedom then his brothers. Seeing Yori stepping up to take on the position of Daiymo, Kioshi vowed to stand beside his brother returning to his studies with a new intensity.

Bayushi's Mouth

After his Gempuku Kioshi took to going to the courts, when Yori didn't feel up to it due to him being ill. Soon Kioshi became the face of the Scorpion in the Courts making those occasions when Yori showed up himself not only potent but shocking.

Brokering deals for his Clan and keeping tabs on enemies, Kioshi expected his role to become lessened when Manabu went through his Gempuku and became the Daiymo.

When Manabu did he refused to allow Yori to step down becoming instead the Clan's Spy Master.

Loosing the Stars

Kioshi never opted to get married and his father never bothered betrothing him. The one woman he could see himself with was Kakita Sorano, however Sorano had been betrothed to a old family ally's son since early childhood.

Maybe Kioshi could have leveraged his position as the Scorpion Daiymo's brother if Sorano's betrothed had not been the brother of the elemental Master of Fire.

Kioshi tried to be supportive but it slowly became evident that Sorano's marriage was gravely unhappy. After her son was born Sorano spent more time in Ottosan Uchi being related to the Imperial Family and having friends in high places makes her an ideal representative for her Clan.

Kioshi does anything he can to help Sorano however the more unhappy her husband makes her the more he can't help but needle the man in court.

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