Bayushi Manabu

Defender of the Scorpion Clan, Manabu is a dutiful brother and the Scorpion Spy Master, he gets all of the information reported to the Daymio by the Scorpions and then reports to his brother often being left to decide important actions himself.

"If His older brothers are the claws he is the tail."



Perfect Child

Born to his father's second wife, Manabu was the perfect child, not sickly like Yori and with definite lineage unlike Kioshi, his mother was a young woman with little personal power, his father found her pleasant and Manabu loved her dearly. Umma the Nanny who raised his brothers help Manabu's mother and would take over should the lady wish to be elsewhere.

His brothers were his friends, Kioshi being a bit more of the whipping boy, the brother who would be left to get in trouble if the three of them were ever caught.

He was betrothed to the youngest daughter of the Shosuro Daymio as soon as possible, two respectable families strengthening Clan Ties.

Too Perfect

Manabu found himself once he began to become old enough to think of such things to be lacking, He was not as introspective as Yori, he was not as charismatic as Kioshi. His older brother's flaws had given them something to push themselves up against and become better all his life and he found himself lacking.

He began to push himself studying clan strategies He found himself interested in Bayushi Aramoro, and buried himself in codes and enigmas.

Crack in the Finish

Manabu wasn't yet sent off to school when his father died, watching the sickly Yori take on the Daymio position while he was still catching up. Yori made it very clear that he would step down when Manabu could take over, Kioshi returned from his training possibly pushing back his own learning to add his support.

Both of his brothers seemed to have nothing to give compared to him yet somehow found more to give when he, the one who seemed to have everything couldn't find anything.

He found himself when he went into training flunking out of Honour's Lesson Dojo. He took it as a sign, he was in the wrong place. He came to study with his betrothed and learn from the Shosuro instead of his own family. Finally finding things to be as easy as he was always told he should be. Yori was Smart, Kioshi was Charming, but Manabu, he was Cunning.

Becoming the Tail

When Manabu returned to his family for his Gempukku he returned with his betrothed, and took his brother's aside. He informed Yori he would not taking the position from his brothers, it would be bad for the Clan. He would be the tail. His family had never felt closer and now Manabu belonged.

Within the year he was married and his wife and mother in law helped him to become Yori's Spymaster. Manabu has close ties with the Shosuro family and for the most part stays out of what they do. He asks for more information about certain things.

Yori declared him the Clan Defender and the holder of the Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion.

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