Bayushi Yori

Yori's name means trust, he is no more trusted then any other member of his Clan. Yori is an excellent tactical leader and wears a full face mask carved to look like flowing cloth on a pale face. He is rarely in the captivate staying mainly in Scorpion Lands, his brother Kioshi often appears representing the clan in court. Yori however had yet to miss a Winter Court.

Yori is darkly charming and reserved, calm, like he has all the time in the world. He works for his Clan and the Clan's mission taking this duty as seriously as any other Scorpion Clan Champion. Yori runs the Clan with his bothers, Kioshi and Manabu, they have been nicknamed the Three Sons of Bayushi.

"Some weakness cannot be exploited." - Bayushi Manabu


His Mother's Son

Yori's mother was a cunning Courtier, it was rumored that she could talk the stars down from the sky if they could all but hear her words. Yori's father married her, cunning mother meant cunning children after all. What Yori's mother did not reveal until after the marriage was that she had a mysterious illness.

She was a cold distant woman, who was often in pain, had bouts of blindness and one day would tremble and fall down dead. She took being married to the Daimyo as a chance to pamper herself before dying, not a chance to raise children.

Yori was not quite as cunning as his mother, however he did inherit the strange illness his mother had.

At a young age Yori's Nanny became pregnant, his father adopted her son as his own. This failed to make Yori jealous, his brother's mother became as his own. Often telling both boys they must care for one another. Kioshi taking care of Yori for his illness and Yori for Kioshi's bastard heritage.

Wanting to keep from only having an heir who was ill or who's heritage was questionable Yori's father married a pretty young Shosuro who either was not very bright or did not wish to be seen as such. She gifted him with Manabu, the son who the brothers though would be the next Daiymo.


Yori took being his father's son seriously and threw himself into studying the clan and the sword, if nothing else he hoped to be able to aid Manabu once he was Daiymo, Yori's safety was not of high concern so he traveled all over Scorpion Lands getting to know the other families and becoming familiar with everything.

Despite the Bayushi Dojo having a high turn over rate his Sensei insisted he remain to learn to be a Bayushi Bushi despite both of his brothers being rejected and sent to different schools.

While visiting the Daiymo of the Soshi Family Yori met and started up a friendship with Asahina Uguisumi who was being held hostage, Yori quickly became pen pals with her. Once while visiting Yori fell blind and he suspect soon he would die as his mother had Uguisumi healed Yori with Asahina magic.

Father's Death

Shortly after Yori's Genpuku, The Scorpion Daiymo was killed in Otosan Uchii it appear as if he had been in a Duel, but why he was alone and who had killed him his blade partly draw was a mystery.

Kioshi was not yet and adult let alone Manabu who was the one of the brothers the family saw as fit to be the Daiymo and do well to the Bayushi line. Yori took up the mantel planning to hand it over to Manabu once his youngest brother reached adulthood.

The Nightingale

Yori knew that healing magic was the only thing that would keep him from dying long enough to allow Manabu become Daiymo. He threw a tournament for Shujenga to try and choose his wife. During the tournament the daughter of a poor branch of the Soshi family came to Yori and told him something very strange.

"I was once a Nightingale, and I saw you when you were young and fell in love with you, I died to be reborn as a girl and begged to be here to come to you as your bride."

Her name was Soshi Aimi and she was the best healer of all of those assembled. Yori and her were married soon there after.

Kioshi as soon as he went through his Gempuku started to attend the Courts for Yori so that his brother need travel as little as possible.

Manabu's Refusal

When Manabu was old enough to go through his gempuku he refused to take over as Daiymo, saying that Yori was a better Daiymo then he could be. Manabu swore his loyalty to his brothers the three of them should run the Clan together, and they became the Three Sons of Bayushi.

Yori as the leader, Kioshi as the social face of the Clan and Manabu as it's spymaster.

White Blossom

Aimi gave birth to a baby girl, because of his joy and sorrow that she might die, Yori named her White Blossom. A flower born in the colour of death.

Baisaki however was healthy showing no effects that indicated the cursed illness. Yori and his wife are optimistic that Baisaki will never fall ill and become a Clan Daiymo.

Quiet Vs. the Phoenix

The combination of the three brothers worked very well for the longest time, then Kioshi started to needle away at the brother of the Elemental Master of Fire.

Yori has done everything kind in his power to get his brother to stop, stuck between sympathy and anger, Yori readies for a war with the Phoenix. He is caught between the damage a battle between himself and the Phoenix might have and honouring the loyalty his family has given him.


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