Crab Clan

Current Clan Champion is Hida Iwao also known as the Stone-Willed Crab, he is said to have a demeanour like carved marble, he is notable because he tends to not react with emotion or with action, it is said when he was born he was not breathing and was near death as the living can be, he was revived by his clan Shugenjua and has been strong as any Crab.

Kaiu Mamoru is the current Kaiu Daiymo, he's young for his position and is regarded as an artist when it comes to metal craft.

Recently the Crab have been making arrangements for men from crab lands to travel Rokugen the reason given by Hida Iwao for this is that men should know the world they are to protect, there are some other suspicions however none of them are spoken openly.

Notable Crab

Hida Iwao
Hida-Moto Altantsetseg

Kaiu Mamoru
Kuni Isamu
Kuni Akiko

Information About Crab Lands

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