Crane Clan Letter 01

Dear Family

I find myself meditating upon a Asagao flower1 contemplating the single peddle which appears to be many. Striking deep colours coming from a bright center. Like promises to be filled I allow the blossom to fill my mind.

I have news from the Topaz Championship. Despite attack on the honour of the Crane my a rogue group of Ronin who searched to disgrace the honourable name of the Kakita School.

Kakita Seiko, son of Kakita Kinaki who is the son of Kakita Heike also father of our most honourable Kakita Hiroshi head of the Kakita dueling Academy and decedent of the venerable Kakita himself, was kidnapped by those who seek to injure our great clan, Kakita Seiko was recovered by Kakita Nakano nephew of the Empress and Kakita Tomoko Niece of the Kakita Daymio, like a true son of Kakita, Seiko returned and ran his part of the tournament with all decorum putting forwrd and example for all Crane.

The day was taken by a Dragon of the Miromoto family, took the title Miromoto Otakan is the current Topaz Champion, the Emperor also saw fit to award several contestants with the title of imperial magistrate, respectable conduct and exemplary show of skill has reflected well on our guest and ourselves as the hosts.

Daidoji Sanyu our Daidoji Daymio helped to keep the leader of the Rogue Ronin from injuring contestants, becoming grievously injured, we are pleased to report his recovery.

Kakita Nakono and Tomoko distinguished themselves again by bringing the Ronin who was menacing the daughter of the Scorpion Clan Champion to the ultimate judgment of the celestial order. Death.

Our Clan has endured this attack upon our hospitality and honour, Lady Doji smiles upon us from the past.

The Crab Clan Champion is my guest currently at the Doji palace, and has been very gracious showing appreciation for how we govern our lands and praised us for our hospitality. We have been hunting together and enjoying the fine weather.

The Clan will be sending a regiment to help serve on the wall, likely those from the Daidoji School. Some of the Crab will be joining us in Crane lands as our guests. Hida Iwao is a Calm honourable man who shows that he understands the value of culture and the other Clans, I am honoured to show his men some of the beauty and culture Crane Lands has to offer.

At this Winter Court I will arrive with the Crab Clan Champion, as an act of friendship. At long last I will be announcing the tournament for the hand of my dearest daughter, some times it is hard for a father to let someone so precious. I know she will make whomever she marries she will be a blessing to their household.

To all of you, please take some time to meditate upon a flower and remember the things that make this Clan great. For by embracing these things we show the Empire everything that we can be. You all have made me proud to be your Clan Champion

Doji Renjiro

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