Dragon Clan

"One Floor" Kakita Nakano

Togashi Shou is the current Diaymo of the Dragon Clan, he is said to be a great Warrior who always wears heavy Armour, there are rumours of what he looks like under his helmet though no one can truly says what he looks like for certain.

Mirumoto Makoto is the current Diaymo of the Mirumoto Family, he has twin daughters who often travel in his stead, Mirumoto Amaya and Mirumoto Youko, both are said to be beautiful Amaya was born at night and is a master with the Katana, Youko is a talented courier and said to have been born after the sun rose.

The Dragon Clan is reclusive as ever, often the Mirumoto are the ones traveling out of Dragon Lands and dealing with other Clans.

Togashi Shou

Mirumoto Makoto
Mirumoto Amaya
Mirumoto Youko

Miromoto Ryutaro
Miromoto Kaida
Miromoto Yasashiku

Kitsuki Kogo
Kitsuki Masakuni
Kitsuki Emon

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