Hantei Kotone

The Rice Paper Empress, a bland Kakita duelist who was a friend and teacher to the man who would becomes the current Emperor. She is as much an Adviser as a wife.

"She was the Emperor's Senpai and Adviser, now she is also his wife." - Bayushi Kioshi


School/Rank: Kakita Duelist 2, Grace's Blade 11, Doji Courtier 3
Insight: 270 (Rings)

Earth: 3, Stamina: 3 Willpower: 3
Water: 2, Strength: 2 Perception: 3
Fire: 3, Agility:4 Intelligence: 3
Air: 5, Reflexes: 5 Awareness: 6
Void: 4

Skills: Etiquette 52, Iaijutsu 5, Kenjutsu 4 (Katana), Kyujutsu 3, Meditation 3, Painting 3, Courtier 4, Games 3, Instruction 4, Lore (Heraldry) 3, Meditation 3, Tea Ceremony 2, Commerce 2, Athletics 2, Defense 2, Battle 1, War Fan 3, Horsemanship 2, Deceit 1

Honour: 4.5
Glory: 4
Status: 9.5


Advantages: Bland, Clear Thinker, Bishamon's Blessing, Voice
Disadvantages: True Love


Rice Paper Flowers

Kakita Kotone was one of four daughters, Kotone was never really anything special, Her sisters Kagami and Sorano were far more beautiful then she, from an early age it was clear that Kotone was plain and Romantically Unappealing.

Kotone's father Hiroshi managed to arrange an engagement for Kagami and Sorano, Hiroshi raised a good dowry and expended all of his influence to get Kagami engaged to the future Daidoji Daymio, and Sorano was engaged to a well to do but not overly high status Isawa.

With her father as a prominent teacher at the Kakita Academy Kotone ended up picking the sword over an Artisan's craft.

Second Best Child

Excelling at her studies and at teaching, Kotone was the best student in the family until, a cousin of her's Kakita Seiko had joined the family, and when he was brought into the Academy he was the only one of Kotone's siblings better then her. Kotone didn't mind the competition becoming Seiko's friendly rival.

The family joked about Kotone being Seiko's Miramoto.

The two always turned everything into a competition but never took it to meanness nor cruelty.

When the Grandson of the Emperor wished to learn at the Kakita Dueling Academy, Kotone was assigned as his personal teacher.

Leadfoot's Teacher

The beauty of the Crane was Legendary, so when the Emperor's Grandson was introduced to the plainest woman he had ever seen. She was to be his tutor, to supplement his learning. The two only vaguely got along the imperial young man spent much of his time distracted by the ladies who went to the Kakita Artisan's School.

In all fairness Kotone was hard on him, harder then any tutor he had ever known. One day he accidentally called her Rice Paper Flower, her nickname. She responded by calling him Lead Foot.

The Prince complained and was given a new tutor to ask to be assigned back in three days. His new tutor had been going to easy on him. In the end the two of them became friends, Lead Foot, Seiko and Kotone were often seen together. The Prince in fact found himself quite taken with his Kakita tutor. He planned to purpose marriage.

Kotone went through her coming of Age Ceremony before the Prince, and freshly out of her's he invited her and her family to witness his at the Capital as his personal guest.

Emperor's Bride

The Emperor was there and acting particularly mad. Soon after the Prince came to Kotone, after living in Kakita lands the Emperor's madness was far more easy to see and the Prince feared for the Empire.

Kotone spoke with the Prince about his feeling and after the their conversation the Prince Challenged his Grandfather for the Empire. Kotone's father fought the Emerald Champion on the Prince's behave and won.

After the Prince became the Emperor he was told he could have any woman in the Empire. He choice his friend and tutor, his rice paper flower. He married the plain girl. Kotone truly loved him and she said yes, the two of them sought to renew the Empire.

Rice Paper Empress

As the Empress Kotone is her husband's chief adviser, she is considered beautiful. But only because she is so plain people get the impression of her clothes rather then her actual appearance. If she dresses as anything else most people can't recognize her.

Ultimately Kotone is kind, supportive and clever, everything a strong Empress should be. Kotone still keep in contact with her family, and has given birth to a boy who is currently seven. The boy is charming and bright and it's believe he will be declared the heir when he is of age to be judged by his father as a future ruler.

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