Hantei The XXVII

The Emperor's Grandfather who is now insane but harmless. He wonders the imperial palace and on occasion comes into court making ludicrous rulings. Some times he mixes up younger Courtiers for Courtiers from times gone past. The Court politely ignores him until he can be lead off somewhere.

In his time Hantei the XXVII had been and fair and noble ruler his wisdom seemed blessed until his mind began to fail.

"A great man's mind has been lost to madness will his memory be lost as well?" - Doji Renjiro


Sole Heir

Hantei the XXVI died when his only child was six months old, Miya Dosonu took over as regent and raised the child with the Crown Prince's mother.

The Prince was guarded very carefully, worried that the prince may die and there would be a horrible struggle for the throne which would possibly result in a civil war.

This left the Young Prince concerned with his possible mortality. Making him reported as a very nervous child.

Doji Shuhe

As a young man before he gave up his name he was visiting Crane Lands and staying by the sea shore. Every morning when the sun rose he saw a young woman about his age dancing in the waves crashing upon the shore.

On the third day he followed her home to a small estate up the sea shore, a well kept little place, owned by a blind Doji with minimal staff.

The Future Emperor sat with the old man, saying merely that he was a guest, the Doji was a storyteller who was very pleased to have someone new to speak to. In the middle of tea the young woman came into the room to see if the guest needed anything.

It was the girl who dance upon the shore. When she left the prince asked who she was. The Blind Storyteller told him that she was his daughter. While traveling in the Eye of the Needle Forest, he heard a baby crying. He brought the girl to his home and raised her as his daughter.

He had named her Shuhe. She would become the Empress of the 27th Emperor.

Optional GM Secrets

Initial Reign

When Hantei the XXVII was crowned the Empire breathed a sigh of relief. He was healthy, physically strong. It seemed like everything could finally relax.

Actually the Emperor was never sick after he became Emperor and was seen as blessed. His reign was considered unremarkable for the most part.

Restless Heirs

The Emperor seemed blessed with an abnormally long life. All but his Heir had joined other noble families or married into different families.

People began wondering if the Emperor would outlive his own heir.

One day when visiting Crane Lands his wife did not return. There were many rumours about what happened to her the only thing the Emperor would say was she had gone back to the heavens.

This comment has been considered simply poetry.

During this time the Scorpion Daymio was killed in the Imperial City, Hantei the 27th allowed the oldest son of the Champion to take his place, instead of the youngest son who was the Scorpion's official heir.


The Emperor's reign seemed like it would never end, true he was getting older but he seemed no less capable. Then his sanity seemed to begin to decline. He had not become paranoid, nor did he order the death of those loyal to him.

The Emperor did things such as Ordering everyone wear hats on a particular day of the week and those who did not rounded up and forced to make a hat for themselves to wear.

He once order all the Scorpion Courtiers to give a small gift to a young Crab Courtier who he felt had been made sad by them.

He mistook the former Scorpion Daymio's Adopted son for the former Scorpion Daymio and refused to hold court until the rest of the Clan Daymios appeared.

He also called the whole of court to a halt to search the palace for his wife who had been dead for almost ten years.

Optional GM Secrets


The Emperor's Middle Grandson stood up and challenged his Grandfather for the Throne to end the Insanity slowly gripping the Empire. Kakita Hiroshi head of the Kakita Dueling Academy dueled for the Grandson and the Emerald Champion for Hantei XXVII.

Kakita Hiroshi won striking the Emerald Champion Across the cheek. His Grandson was crowned Hantei the XXVIII and Hantei the XXVII stepped down peacefully from the Throne.

Haunting the Castle

Despite the fact he has stepped down he doesn't seem to remember stepping down from his throne. He will often disrupt things in the Imperial Palace.

The Emperor's court and the palace staff work hard to appease the last Emperor, Hantei XXVIII does not wish to place him in a monastery since he may awaken and not realize he is retired.

Optional GM Secrets

Roleplaying Hints

Early Years

Optimistic and pleasant. Hantei XXVII will only get involved if things cannot be settled without his intervention.

He will be extremely patient with everyone though he is not a push over. When you have made a decision state it firmly and ignore anyone trying to bargain or argue more. Come to these choices slowly however.

Have a delight in stories and tales, if a Storyteller comes to the Court ask to hear their favourite tale. Not the best but their favourite. Do not allow the Storyteller too close to you, an early life of persons being overly concerned for your safety has left you cautious.

End of Rule

Time has started to take it's tole, there has been no major wars or conflict in your time however looking at your son you need to wonder if leaving things in his hands would be wise.

You have lost your caution, often you can be seen walking beside the ocean hoping to see your wife come back to you.

Having become a bit more enigmatic in your old age, you will give advice to young Samurai you find yourself with in a slightly enigmatic saying. these should be less enigmatic then something a Togashi Monk would say. "Excuses are the bricks that the home of fail is built upon." and the like.

Insane Emperor

When playing Emperor Hantei the XXVII insane have him loose time thinking that he is dealing events or crises which have past. Do things you feel are good for the Empire, your judgement is a little impaired on these things.

Enforce things you enjoy assuming others would as well. Run around trying to stop a Shadow Lands attack that was stopped twenty years ago. Mistake Someone's Bastard son for their father.

You are doing everything you can to be a good Emperor but you are working with a sever handy cap.

Insanely Cunning Emperor

Playing the Emperor feigning insanity. You can see the Empire's future set in front of you and it worries you deeply. Something is wrong with your youngest Grandson. You caught him killing a bird once. A Pet of his older brother's.

You can see darkness in his eyes. He's already fully manipulated his father and he will surely be declared heir.

How can you explain that you can see evil in your youngest grandson's eyes. You decided you must find a new heir a new way to shift the heir.

You feigned Madness. It was careful and clinical, you did things that wouldn't disrupt court too much, declaring a hat day. Assigning a cat as an ambassador, ordering a war on fish.

Once everyone believes you to be truly mad be more cunning about it. Save the honour of a young courtier by ordering all the Scorpion Courtiers to give her gifts when they seem to be leading her down a bad path.

Make two rivals get married to stop a war. Make the heads of two warring families spend the night in the woods together. Give the Crab a cut on taxes for dealing with a massive Oni they fought decades ago.

Once you are de-throned don't change, you will continue to have a blast. You love your Grandson who took over the throne, you will on occasion speak to him in a lucid manner, but only when it's really important.

give out wisdom hidden in insanity to those around you. Go to the Ocean often and look for your wife.



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