Hantei The XXVIII

The Grandson of the last Emperor, He never expected to become Emporer. Hantei the XXVIII is considered to be a very fair handed Emperor, He is younger then many of the previous emperors and is naturally cautious. He seeks to keep things balanced between the Great Clans wishing to leave his mark on history through a peaceful prosperous time.

"Blood made him a Hantei, Duty an Emperor." - Kakita Hiroshi



Center Son

The middle child of three sons, the future Hantei the XXVIII was a social young man, his older brother was a strong warrior interested in combat and military history, his younger brother was cunning and clever, interested in puzzles and mysteries.

The future Hantei the XXVIII enjoyed Rokugan, he had plans after he was to join a new family to join the Miya and travel the land delivering messages and meeting people.

He was thrilled with stories about the Kakita Academy from his grandfather the Emperor who said he had his Grandmother's eyes. So he asked to go and study there before his Gempukku.


The Prince did not start off well at the Kakita Dueling Academy, his teacher was the revered Kakita Hiroshi. He was assigned one of Hiroshi's own children and top students as a tutor Kakita Kotone.

Kotone was a serious task master and took to calling him lead foot due to how slow the young Hantei was. No one had ever treated him like that and it vexed him. He demanded Hiroshi assign him a new teacher.

The Next day he demanded to be switched back. He had realized his new tutor was working harder on sparing his feelings than teaching him his lessons.

Soon he started spending social time with his teacher and her brothers, Seiko and Maro. Leadfoot at the time was not the future Emperor, so the collection of friends he made quickly turned into a circle of friends. Enjoying the Kakita City.

Returning Home

Leadfoot returned back to the Imperial City for his gempukku having invited Hiroshi and his family along. He intended after taking on his new name and the name of Miya to ask Hiroshi for Kotone's hand.

However upon seeing his grandfather again he realized just how mad the older man had become. How numb he had been about it before going off to Kakita lands and how numb his family was. He went to Hiroshi and asked if he were to challenge his Grandfather if the old Crane and father of his beloved would champion him. Hiroshi excepted.

The two duelists face one another and Hiroshi's blade cut the face of the Emerald Champion, it had been decided they would duel to first blood.

Hantei the 27th

Hantei the 27th was coronation occurred a month after the duel exactly, giving the rest of the Empire time to arrive and be aware of it.

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