Hida Iwao

The Stone-Willed Crab Champion of the Crab Clan and Daiymio of the Hida Family. He is known for showing much less emotion then many of his successors and having no fear in the face of alien horrors. He has recently started giving open invitations to other Clan to Visit Crab lands and has been trying to get the Crab to visit the rest of the Empire. The Name Iwao means Rock.

"I care not what Mon you wear if you fight at my side you are my brother." - Hida Iwao

Birth and Meeting Emma-O

When Iwao's mother was about to give birth to him their home was attacked, Iwao's mother did not survive and it was thought that he would not live either. Just as the clan Shujenga where starting to give up Iwao opened his eyes and began to cry.

Iwao was never ill or sickly as a child amazingly his early brush with death seemed to effect him not in the least. He was a cold child however seeming not to take as much joy as other children in the games of youth. Iwao has never been cruel however notable he never left a wounded creature he fought alive longer then he could, even goblins and the like.

Before Iwao's coming of age ceremony he was already serving on the wall and already stood a full head above most of the children born around the same time as he.

What members of the Clan do not realize is that Iwao was taken to the lands of the waiting dead and was judged by Emma-O who choice to send the young man back to the Crab Clan. Iwao does not fear death nor does he care much for the things that bother most in this world for he has already lived in the next.

Rise to Leadership

Iwao's father decided to lead a major strike against a Shadow Land stronghold The operation was going excellently until a ranged attack targeted the Hida family leader and struck him down. Iwao picked up for his father taking command without a moment's hesitation and lead them to victory. Soon he was made Daimyio of the Hida Family and Clan Champion to the Crab.

Current Goals and Behavior

No one can get a rise out of Hida Iwao. No matter how many courtier's try to bait him he never jumps for it, he seems like he could care very little about Politics except he has unexpectedly invited all the clans to come to Crab lands and learn more about the Crab, while reaching out to the Other Clans to host groups of Crab for a rotation off of the wall. So far the Unicorn and the Crane (to the shock of some) Have excepted.

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