Imperial Family

Emperor Hantei the XXVII has had a strangely long life however he has become more and more deranged in his older days. Hantei the XXVII's grandson stepped forward and Challenged him for the Throne.

The Emerald Champion not wishing to Slay any member of the Imperial Family fought Kakita Hiroshi who was acting as Champion of the grandson, after receiving a cut that permanently scared his face the Emerald Champion was defeated and Hantei the XXVII cheerfully stepped down. Hantei the XXVII does not always remember he is no longer Emperor.

Hantei the XXVIII is the current Emperor and despite his young age is renown for his even handedness he often tries to make certain all Clan interest brought to him are properly balanced. It is said he is blessed by the Fortune of Wisdom.

Hantei Kotone is the current Emperoress she is the oldest daughter of Kakita Hiroshi and said to be as skilled as a Kakita Duellist as she is beautiful. She has born the XXVIII emperor a son who has been recently born and is named Hibiki.

Seppun Hansuke is the current Daiymo of the Seppun Family and Emerald Champion, he still bears the scar on his face from facing Kakita Hiroshi and there is speculation that he will be replaced shortly. He is however fiercely loyal to the current Emperor and his family.

Miya Natsu is Diaymo of the Miya family. He attempt to keep his family neutral in dealings with the clans for the Emperor it is said he is impossible to bribe.

Hantei the XXVII
Hantei the XXVIII
Hantei Kotone

Hantei Hibiki
Seppun Daigo
Otomo Hayashi

Miya Osamu
Seppun Hansuke

Miya Natsu

House Rules/Ideas

How the Heir is Picked

Once The current Emperor's children reach the ages of at least ten, this isn't always observed, the Emperor will then choose from among his sons, who will be his next heir. There is an assigned Regent who will take the throne should the Heir not have reached their Coming of Age Ceremony before the death of the Emperor. These persons are nothing but minor foot notes in History, though they may also choose an Heir should the Emperor die before any of his children are of a proper age, this happened after the reign of Hantei XXVI1, due to his short life.

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