In The Lands Of The Ki Rin

from the travelogues of Doji Hakatsu, Crane Clan Courtier

Page One

Having been dispatched into the lands these wayward cousins of our people have taken up once more, I joined one of their trade caravans returning from negotiations with the Crab and Scorpion. Strangely, they have nothing negative to say about either group.

It took some days to trundle across the holdings of the Lion; the less said about the receptions recieved the better they will like it. It was to our advantage that we had both a Miya herald and an Emerald Magistrate along as envoys for the trade mission. But soon such thoughts were behind us as the wide vales of the Lion gave way to the hills of the border.

We were making for what the Ide diplomats called the “summer City” of their family, a term I did not understand until we came over the hills. There the ‘City’ sprawled. A mass of what appeared to be white homes. soon it became clearer- some sort of buildings made of fabric. Large circular homes. Easily moved as the Unicorn deem it needed.

One such home was set aside for myself and my yojimbo. It was mere moments walk from the bathing tents, which we used as soon as was seemly. The material is not silk but thick and tough, after asking some of my attendants, I am informed it is “felt” made from the fleece of the animals called sheep that the Unicorn have imported. These people live in homes made of animal hair.

Page Two

Though disturbing in the extreme, these gers are quite comfortable, cool and shaded and quiet. The same cannot be said for the cuisine the Unicorn prepare.

My Lord, should ever the Winter Court grace our cousins who have returned, bring your own cooks. I have eaten “cheese” a horrible concoction made of what I am assured is the milk of horses, sheep and cattle! I could not eat again for a day but worse than this, they serve flesh. Flesh of their animals, eating like wild beasts.

I learned of this when my hosts, the Ide held a feast for us. the texture is appallingly tough, but “beef” tastes comparably to shark.

I am told they also eat the flesh of their sheep, their horses at need, and many game animals.

Page Three

After staying among the Ide for a time, we were transferred to the hospitality of the Shinjo family. Escorted along the way by a warlike troop of women, the “Battle Maidens” of the Otaku family. I have spoken with and observed Samurai-ko from Crab, Crane, and Lion. I have been watched by Matsu and by Bayushi. None of them were as formed for or by war. The Otaku battle steeds are monsters in their own right.

The Maiden on it? Matches it perfectly. Like most of the Unicorn warriors, the Otaku carry a nearly ridiculous amount of weapons. An axe; one of the strange gai-jin swords called scimitars, forged in ways that our Kakita would even recognise. Do not mistake their appearance, they are of the same character as the swords of our grandfathers, in many cases, remade from Rokugani steel!

In addition to this, they carry both horse and foot bows- strange unwieldy looking things of slight wood, horn and sinew. Their effectiveness cannot be argued however. In addition to a long spear, the Unicorn seem to go to war with more weapons than a warrior could know how to deal with!

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