Kaiu Mamoru

The Daiymio of the Kaiu Family Mamoru's name means Earth. He has been regarded as an Artisan of great talent mainly dealing in metal work.

"He sees a flower in Iron and a maiden in stone." - Doji Akina

Early Life

Mamoru was one of several Grandchildren of the Former Kaiu Daiymio, while on a visit to the Yasuki family the Yasuki tried to push into Asahina lands, in a push back Mamoru at the age of five was taken hostage until his Grandfather could negotiate for his return could bring him home.

Mamoru in that time became pen pals with the Doji Daiymio's daughter. While there he was fascinated with Crane Artwork and decided he wanted to create his own. Once Mamoru was old enough he picked up metal work creating great sculptures of iron and other low grade materials. Mamoru became as renown for his imagination and cleverness when it comes to Traps as he was for being an Artisan.

Rise to Daiymio

Mamoru was chosen to take his Grandfather's place as Daiymo due to his skill when it comes to creating things, he was believes to be the best person to maintain the Kaiu devices and create new and unique ways to combat the Shadow Lands.

Practices and Current Behavior

Mamoru keeps up his Art along with letters to his childhood friend, he is a relatively young Daiymo and considered a good leader for his personal innovation. Mamoru has started a series of rewards that are given out to Kaiu who complete a certain goal he sets within a certain period of time. Many members of the Family have started collecting these trinkets to show their prowess as craftsmen.

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