Kakita Hiroshi

Kakita Hiroshi is the current head of the Kakita Academy and renown as one of the best sword trainer in Rokugen. It is very rare he currently shows his skill and is mainly an administrator. Hiroshi was the second child and was not expected to inheritance any lands however his brother ran off to become a farmer leaving Hiroshi the unexpected duties over his family lands.

Hiroshi had a young man named Seiko come to him, the boy said he was his brother's son and indeed resembled Hiroshi's brother, Hiroshi took the boy in despite having seven children of his own at the time Seiko was one of Hiroshi's greatest student and is currently one of the best teachers at the Kakita Academy also known as the Peasant Crane.

"Bayushi Kioshi once called him old man, between the Scorpion's blinks he had a fan at his throat. I would have taken much enjoyment in seeing that." - Akodo Toshi

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