Kakita Tomoko

"Swiftness is good with the sword, dangerous with the tongue." - Akodo Takao

Tomoko stands 5’4” in height and is a lithesome beauty with the traditional bleached hair of the Kakita, with light blue eyes.

Born during the hour of the Dragon, on the 7th day of the month of the Dragon in the year 886, the Asahina Shugenja believed this newborn Crane to be blessed by the ancestors and the Kami. Her mother Kakita Satoshi sensed that her daughter would become a very powerful Crane duelist, while her father Daidoji Toshimoko felt that he was not worthy of the Kami’s blessing upon his house. Within the Crane Clan itself, many others had their eyes and prayers elsewhere that day. Kakita Kimihoshi ordered a vigil for her brother Kakita Tatsuya and his wife Kakita Akuro during her troublesome birth labor, unfortunately for the heads of the Kakita family, Akuro and her newborn daughter did not survive to see the sun set. Tomoko’s first few years were fairly normal and uneventful for a minor branch of the Kakita family, until one fateful day in 891.

Kakita Tatsuya was unable to recover from the loss of his wife and child five years prior, had been hearing rumors of a Kakita child of a minor branch, who even at the age of five, had begun to show many signs of being truly gifted and blessed by the Kami. Tatsuya in his grief, approached a Shugenja in the Kitsu Family of the Lion Clan, with what he thought was an offer that even the Lion could not refuse. In return for the Lion granting Tatsuya a scroll that would allow him to call upon the Kami of storms to do his bidding for one day, Tatsuya would forfeit his firstborn grandchild. The Kitsu asked him how he could do this since he had lost his wife and only child, Tatsuya calmly replied “With the scroll, I will gain a daughter and when the time comes, her firstborn will become a lion”.

Tomoko and her elder brother had been sitting in their castle gardens practicing the art of bonsai when the skies began to darken into a fierce storm, far quicker than they normally should have. Toshimoko and Satoshi had run out of the castle to gather their children and run for shelter when the Kami borne typhoon slammed into the coast of the Crane lands. Three days later, when Crane Bushi and Magistrates came to survey the damage, they were confronted by peasants carrying the young Tomoko, who had survived the storm with naught but a scar on her right cheek as her only wound from the carnage, the rest of her family had not survived and had been buried by the local folk. When the Magistrates had returned to Kyuden Kakita, bearing the young Tomoko, Tatsuya did what the Crane thought to be an honorable act, and took the young Tomoko as his daughter.

As Tomoko grew older, she began to learn more about the Crane than she would have as a minor family member. During these lessons, she learned of one of her ancestors Daidoji Matsu, who had gone off to fight against the Shadowlands with the Crab Clan and had succumbed to its call. Daidoji Matsu now fights for the Dark Lord as a powerful lieutenant and Tomoko has vowed to destroy her ancestor. Tomoko has also vowed to reclaim her family’s lands and rebuild the family castle “Feathered Crane”.

When Tomoko reached the age in which she would have celebrated her Gempukku with the rest of the Crane children her Father, whom she calls her “honored Uncle”, kept her out of the Tournament of the Topaz Champion. Tatsuya’s reasoning was that she had suffered so much and he did not want to lose another child. In response to this, Tomoko threw herself into her studies of Iaijutsu with a drive that not only impressed her elders, but worried them as well. They saw a most gifted Crane learning her duties with the drive and abandon of a Crab.

We now come to point of the present in Tomoko’s life. Tomoko is now seventeen years old and very naïve when it comes down to knowledge of Rokugan. She has discovered that since her Gempukku, she has been haunted by and honored ancestor Kakita Wayozu, who believes that Tomoko is not the duelist that she should be. Tomoko has also secretly learned to appreciate the pampering that occurs from one being part of the main Kakita family. Tomoko has been granted a stipend much higher than her birth would allow, and has two personal attendants given to her by Kakita Kimihoshi, her aunt and head of the Kakita family. Tomoko treats both of her attendants as if they were one social rank higher. She also tends to follow the code of Bushido more than what would be considered normal and tends to not remain neutral in any tense situation. Tomoko will defend those who cannot defend themselves rather than attacking.

Tomoko has very few possessions that she truly treasures, among them being the Kakita blade given to her by her “honored Uncle” on her Gempukku, her mother’s No-Dachi which she recovered from the ruins of her family’s castle (she keeps this in a very ornate blue lacquered box) and a copy of The Duel of Cranes, which was written in the year 390 by Kakita Hoshiko (which covers the Kakita outlook of the Yasuki split from the Daidoji). Tomoko, very rarely indulges herself unless she finds something of interest or beauty. She will still send “thank you” gifts to her “Honored Uncle” and her aunt Kimihoshi for taking her in. Tomoko’s only major social downfall thus far, has been getting frustrated if her station is not recognized or acknowledged.

Tomoko has recently been attached to protect Kakita Nokano on his journey to the birthday party of the Bayushi Daimyo, for reasons that she cannot understand, as there are more experienced Bushi who can do this.

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