The Kolat are an interesting foe, though it is hard to get them doing anything really major until post Scorpion Clan Coup unless you don't mind making major changes later. However there is a simple way to solve many issues with using the Kolat as a villain.

Have the Kolat use other names. Have them have set up small cult organization that follow their views, the ultimate goal to merge the organizations when the Kolat Philosophy becomes less lethal to speak of and adopt. The other benefit of this is that one cult can be eliminated without destroying the rest of the Kolat.

Do yourself a favour pick up the Merchant's Guide to Rokugan and read through it, you can easily model these groups as mini versions of the larger group. The leader can easily be someone who has been brain washed and conditioned since childhood to be the man the Kolat needs him to be, he'll think it was all his own idea.

These Mini Kolats can also be great places to farm recruits to better the Main Kolat. In this way even veteran players can be thrown off, this group looked like the Kolat but I guess it's just a different group with the same basic idea. huh.

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