How The Hell Does That Work

This is the most confusing aspect of Third Edition, I am trying to actually sum up what I understand from everything I have looked up.

Assessment Phase:

In this phase everyone rolls Awareness and Iaijutsu, TN 5 for every 5 above that 5 the character learns something about the person they are facing.

The Duelists may learn:

• The opponent's laijutsu.
• The opponent's Awareness
• The opponent's Reflexes
• The opponent's Agility
• The opponent's Void
• The opponent's Insight Rank
• The opponent's number of remain Void Points
• The opponent's current Wound Level (Healthy, Hurt, ect)

Bowing Out

You can do this, it's fine just act like anyone bowing out lost.


The Duelists pick the trait of their opponent that will be used in the duel each round a duelists can declare Focus or Strike. You can only Focus a Number of times equal to the selected trait.

Dueslist's TN starts at 5 for each time you focus it goes up 5.


Whoever calls Strike flinches, the opponent makes a Awareness + Iaijutsu roll TN is the target TN of the person who called Strike. If successful the player who did not call Strike may take advantage of the call and roll Reflexes + Iajiustsu to hit the appointment.

The player who didn't go will then roll as well.


Should the stats used and the rolls from attacking be the same this is considered a Kharmic Strike.

If this Duel is to first Strike and there is not a Kharmic Strike. Person who hits the other guy first wins.

If the Duel was not to First Strike, continue with normal combat rules.

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