Lion Clan

The Lion Clan is in Mourning, Most Notably the Lion Clan Daiymo Akodo Katsumi is mourning the lost of his wife and daughter, on a trip to the Shimizu land to visit a cousin the Diaymo's wife and the newly born child of the Daiymo where killed by Bandits.

As a result there has been major campaign against both bandits in the area and any local Ronin.

Shimizu Otori is the Daiymo of the Shimizu family.

Masa's Guidance

Akodo Katsumi
Akodo Nage
Akodo Toshi

Kitsu Yun
Kitsu Jian-Huang

Ikoma Koso
Ikoma Seiichi
Matsu Chiasa

Akodo Okamoto
Akodo Chiharu

House Rules/Ideas

These are rules and Idea I am adding to my L5R Campaign you may add them as well.

Matsu Shall not Marry an Akodo

This only pertains to the Head Family, Branch families and lower ranked Samurai may marry into different families. Matsu prefer the man to take the woman's name in any marriage but between Lion Families a Woman giving up her name when marrying into a higher ranked spouse' family is considered a form of dowry.

Gempukku Sappuku

The Matsu who fail their Gempukku tasks are not actually asked to commit Suicide, instead since this ceremony takes place at the age of 14, those who fail cut a scar where the death cut would go and then move to a new Family, giving up the Matsu Name. The family member is treated as if a member of the honourable dead and all Lion ignore this scar.

Since the former Matsu has already gained initial training they catch up with their new school and families quickly. This ritual is treated very seriously so it appears that many young Matsu die every year.

Kitsu Spirits

These spirits originally did not have humanoid form, they possessed copper red mains like mist, though used magic to make their homes. Leading to why people thought they were just beasts.

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