Lion Clan Letter 01

My Clan

The summer winds blow around the walls of Akodo Castle, I can feel the ghost of Autumn in colder breeze coming forward to herald the harvest and rebirth Winter.

The future is hopeful my Clan, our ancestors show up the way to greatness, the city I sit in as I write this to you has repelled and attack by an Oni so large it leaped over the city wall. Through the honour and skill Akodo Troops and the Shimizu forces have proven that the Lion will not fall even to the denizens of the one who's name must not be spoken.

Now is a time we must be strong and stand together, the Shadowlands have given us a challenge. I know these lands and I know the people of it. We shall stay strong and we shall meet this challenge.

I have sent my son to meet with and visit the families and lands of the Lion. Our Ancestors give us our base and our spirit will lead us to a great future, let us all unite to bring the Glory of the Lion through the Winter and into a Glorious Spring.

Akodo Katsumi

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