Masa's Guidance

An establishment run by Matsu Mayu and her Family. Her husband Matsu Masa is the one who bring Samurai from place to place in Lion Lands Safely.


Mayu is a strong woman, her name means Gentle Superiority after all. She runs the Business assigning family members to go and take different people to different places. Sending her sons as messengers when needed, she is a kind women but stern and handy with a katana.


The Three Sons


The oldest child, daughter of Mayu and Masa, Kokoro is not exspected to inheritate as she normally would, The family lands are small as is their duty and business. She has been betrothed to the son of a Land Owner, Akodo Nage's son.

She has no romantic feelings for her fiancee. Their Marriage will raise her status to that of a major land owner instead of an extremely minior one.

Kokoro has always had a special link to Yasu, the adopted son of the family, and often pulls for him. She can tell if he's been hurt regardless of were she is.

Generally a nice person. Kokoro has learned how to treat important guests as they head through Lion Lands.

Kokoro Stats

School/Rank: Matsu Berserker 2
Insight: 158

Earth: 3, Stamina: 3 Willpower: 3
Water: 2, Strength: 4 Perception: 2
Fire: 2, Agility:3 Intelligence: 2
Air: 2, Reflexes: 2 Awareness: 3
Void: 3

Skills: Battle* 1, Jiujutsu* 3, Kenjutsu* 4 (Katana), Kyujutsu* 3, Lore: History* 2, Etiquette 1, Courtier 1, Games 2, Medicine 2, Animal Handling 3, Defense* 2, Hunting* 3, Lore: Lion Lands 3, Investigation 2, Heavy Weapons 3, Jiujutsu 3,

Roleplaying Hints

Kokoro is proud to be a Matsu and a Samurai. She is well aware she is likely to be one of the first Matsu anyone meets, so will be curtious and put her best foot forward. She will not insult any Clan if pressed she will give an honest opition, and choose her wording to be the least insulting should her opion be negative.

She is playfully boastful. With her family Kokoro will tease and play rougher than with clients. She is very protective of her adopted brother, however this doesn't cause her not to tease him.


The youngest son Yasu is adopted and it's easy to see, his hair has a slight Coppery tone to it and he's hardly a heavy set Matsu. Yasu is a young thoughtful boy who lives most of his life in books, he is well liked by his parent's customers and has a definite charm to him despite being only seven years of age.

Yasu is often the subject of teasing in his family, particularly when it comes to his older brothers. However his older sister Kokoro is deadly protective.

The family is concerned. They have never been able to locate Yasu's real family and doesn't look like Yasu will do well at the Matsu School. Likely he won't survive.

Yasu day dreams of traveling to all the lands his adoptive parent's clients come from and see what the world outside his home has to offer.

Game Master Notes and Suggestions

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