Phoenix Clan

The current Clan Champion of the Phoenix is Shiba Haru, He is renown for his kindness and generosity, anyone who has spoken directly with him says after leaving his presence they feel as if they have just visited a loving parent.

The Isawa and the Clan as a whole is still mainly Governed by the Elemental Masters, The current Elemental Master of Earth is currently being held on suspicion of Murder which is terribly shocking.

The Major moving and shaker on the Council is the Elemental Master of Fire, a women who is mainly a positive figure, however she is said when made angry her temper burns brightly. Her younger brother seems to be under political assault from the Scorpion Clan and Rumor has it she is drawing close to her wits end.

Lady Isawa Mizuki is the current Elemental Master of Void and said to be a calming force on the council.

Asako Kenta is the current Asako Daiymo, several members of the Asako family have currently been murdered including her own son, she has recently reached out to the Lion Clan Champion to offer her sorrow at his loss and share in the two parents sadness.

Recently the Asako have brought a new technique for creating scrolls, developed by Chukan Fuyu, Fuyu has been betrothed to a bride from the Asako Family the Asko hope to have him married before they host winter court at Kuyoden Asako.

Isawa Tenkazu
Isawa Junzi
Isawa Taichi

Isawa Sorano

Isawa Araka
Isawa Kaito
Isawa Imoko

Isawa Mizuki
Isawa Moyata

Asako Kenta
Asako Rei
Asako Fuyu

Shiba Haru

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