Ryoko Owari

This is for the city in 907, so that you can run with this and then later run


Shosuro Shogo

Captain of the Thunder Guard

Shosuro Umeko

Shosuro Ikesu

Ide Bayram

Ide Rasa

"You say Bayram-San that I did not love your daughter. That is wrong. Everyone loved your daughter. Myself more than most." -Shosuro Shogo

Otaku Jana

Doji Sinoku

"Innocence is a purity and beauty that hides the most danger." -Doji Sinoku

A Poet who owns a house in the Noble Quarter of the City called the House of Lilies, it is hard to tell how many students the house has at any given time. Any Crane visiting the city are encouraged to come and look up the Artisan.


Rolplaying Hints and Information

Doji Yoshio


Poet's Garden

House of Lilies

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