Scorpion Clan

Currently run officially by Bayushi Yori most consider the clan to be run by him and his brother who are known as the Three Sons of Bayushi. Yori is a soft spoken yet extremely compident Bushi, his younger brother Kioshi was the bastard son of some of his family's servants who was adopted by his father, Kioshi is an excellent Bayushi courtier however he seems to strike at the brother of the Elemental Master of Fire when ever he has the chance.

The Youngest brother of Bayushi Yori is Manabu who appears to be the quiet one, he makes most none Scorpion the most nervous.

Yogo Eri is the Current Daiymo of the Yogo Family. He formally had done much work to make ties with the Asako family believing he could heal the wound that existed between the two family despite his efforts it appeared there where some wounds that could not be healed and Eri has busied himself with Clan and Family business since.

The Scorpions seems oddly chaotic recently, the Bayushi seem to attack the Isawa in court and then back off many believe they are seeing how many times they can stab at the Phoenix before the Clan of Mystics strike back.

Important Clan Members

Bayushi Yori
Bayushi Kioshi
Bayushi Manabu

Bayushi Sui
Bayushi Aimi
Bayushi Baisaki

Soshi Kori
Shosuro Hyun

Yogo Eri
Yogo Onegano

People of Interest


Bayushi Aimi's Retinue

Bayushi Hisashi & Seison
Yogo Dayu

Soshi Sakiko
Yogo Misato


Ryoko Owari

House Rules/Ideas

Shosuro Cross-dressing Culture

In historical accounts Shosuro isn't given a gender, the family founder is described as showing up as a young man, a beautiful woman, and almost everything in between. Regardless of weather or not people believe Shosuro was a man or a woman, Bayushi's Daughter obviously masqueraded as the opposite gender.

This has caused Cross-Dressing to have a huge place in the family's culture. Shosuro in the Shosuro Shinobi School will often take some times after they graduate live as the opposite gender until they are ready to settle down. Some times but not always, they will leverage this into a separate identity they can fall back on should something go horribly wrong.

Some establishments owned by Shosuro will employ a more comical Cross-Dressing, picking the thinnest most feminine women to dress as men or the most burly men to dress as Women1, this is considered it's own form of art.

Some troops of Shosuro actors will when finishing a serious play bring screens on stage and the actors will switch clothes on stage. Often not bothering to change make up or hair. This Leads to serious tragedies become oddly farcical.

New Ancestors

Bayushi Rin

A former Lion peasant who stories say poisoned the wicked and used cunning to masquerade as a spirit creature. She is remembered fondly as a friend to Shosuro, teaching the Thunder about all manner of poison, positions and trick which increased the first Ninja's Arsenal.

Scholars who believe Shosuro was a man not a woman speculate she is the mother of Shosuro Kinjiko's mother. There are rumours that Rin's nick name from Shosuro was Lovely Mother, this could be a story added later since this figure share the same name as Bayushi's first wife. Though her exploits are not attributed to Bayushi's wife and rarely mentioned outside the Soshi and the Shosuro.

Those who have Bayushi Rin as an Ancestor gain a rank of Poison and a rank in Medicine, they may also use Investigation to detect what is in anything they taste however this does not keep them from being effected by poison.

Soshi Saori

Clan Fiction

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