Soshi Kori

The brilliant and talented Daymio of the Soshi family, despite his unsettling appearance and presence, is a excellent leader. Kori was only recently became daymio after his father was kill in an experiment which cause a large hole in the Soshi Palace.

Kori is intelligent good at planning but not necessarily, the best in social situations. He comes off slightly naive, but those who try to take advantage of him will find themselves very sorry.

"Kori the Prodigy, If he had been trained at the Isawa School maybe then he would be a threat." - Isawa Araka

"He was born with a glint of truth in his eye and loyalty in his heart." - Shosuro Hyun



Tainted Eyes

Kori was born with one eye that was clear and dark like a red agate so dark it would be described as brown, his other eye looked like it had been a light green like the colour of new jade, except it appeared the brown colour from his other eye had started to pour out from his pupil, like a ploom of shadow leaking into the green eye to make it like the dark brown.

The Soshi family took this as a good omen, given the family's association with darkness and shadow. Other however found the eyes greatly disturbing.

When Kori got to his studies not only did he seem to be blessed by the Kami but the Kami he was favoured by were Air Kami, the speciality of his school. Soon he was his Sensai's top student.

What the Heart Wants

Kori heard stories about the similarly aged Isawa Satome, She was suppose to be beautiful, talented and well connected. He looked for information on her, how well she was doing, at first she was a rival, however he started to fall in love with tale of her beauty and talent.

He saw her once at a Winter Court in Scorpion Lands, but was unable to bring himself to actually speak with her, when he saw her he felt she was even more beautiful then he had imagined.

He now split his work between his studies and trying to figure out how to woo her.

Broken Tower

Kori's father was killed in an explosion caused by an experiment which Kori has only be able to theories had something to do with the Lying Darkness, Kori has stayed away from the Deceiver School and has decided to secretly look into the Lying Darkness possibly being a threat to the Clan.

Kori has taken over and started rebuilding the Soshi Palace, taking to his place as family Daymio, hoping to leave his mark by doing wonders for his Clan, readying for war, and action as an adviser for the Clan Champion.

Roleplaying Hints

You come off as socially awkward, but polite, come off as maybe a little meek, it's alright you're concerns are completely else where.

Under the seeming innocent surface you have a lot on your plate. Working on new spells for the upcoming war, not to kill but to make it clear the Scorpion are to be feared. You are also looking into the Lying Darkness whole trying to keep it secret.

You even try not to think about your secret mission, if you think about it too much you feel like you are being watched.

Also you want to convince Isawa Satome to be your bride, or her father, it won't be easy, but her beauty and intelligence should make her the perfect ally in all of this.

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