Harp's Sound

Welcome to the Wiki I am making for my personal Legend of the Five Rings setting. This is a setting I created as an experiment, It is set in the 10th Century and the Year I started out in is 907. I had players make characters and based the clans on what they made. I also threw in some NPCs I use to have in former games people seem to like and from what I can tell remember until this day.

This was meant to be a setting I could let the players make what they wanted to without having the official storyline get in the way, my research maybe a bit old due to this being several years old however it maybe a good alternative, I will be including Module like pages so people can run the games that I had set, I didn't tend to try to rail road players too much so it will most likely be what people know about the situation and what is really going on.

What does Harp's Sound means? It's what I believe the Empress's name means. I thought it was very pretty. I will include the Meaning of the names I have but realize some resources at the time I had somewhat limited resources so they maybe incorrect and I believe I accidentally gave one man a woman's name. So please enjoy and feel free to make comments or use this as a resource.

Major Clan Status

Minor Clan Status

Game Master Advice

How to Run One Clan
More to come possibly.

This is for the gaming system Legend of the Five Rings I do not own any of the rights to anything contained in their books. nothing on this page will help you play the game this is purely here for flavor personal reference and a place to keep my notes.


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