Tortoise Clan

The Tortoise Clan hold a strange place in the Empire, they run the docks for the imperial city and it's surrounding lands, they handle the military and civil Engineering for the Emperor, making certain the city's walls and buildings are maintained.

If the Emperor wishes something build often a Tortoise over sees it, inspection of Imperial roads and the like.

The Tortoise are also Tax collectors. This way no magistrate can push on a Clan for Family reasons and the Imperial Families do not have to lower themselves to work they maybe despised for. The Tortoise are expected to let some things pass and take certain bribes often taking advice from the Ottomo on the political climate.

It is a Clan Tradition that they have a Public name and a Nickname, during their Coming of Age Ceremony the the Tortoise Members tent to take Dishonoured names, the superstition is that as Tax Collectors and those co-opting land their names will be curse, naming themselves for those already in poor standing allows them to push the curse over onto the dishonoured spirits and not themselves.

The Clan's Daymio is considered the Emperor keeping any from attacking them or killing them without the permission of the Emperor.

They use the Family Name Kasuga, and never take offense to Curse you Kasuga.

Kasuga Atsuki
Kasuga Shikibu

Kasuga Aizami

Imperial Engineers

These member of the Tortoise who specialize in Engineering travel around the Empire, inspecting roads, Imperial Way Stations, important bridges and the like. Those who stay in the Imperial City maintain the city walls and buildings.

They are mainly civil engineers though they have the potential to be military engineers should it become required.

Imperial Engineers have the authority to recruit as many workers as they require for repairing what needs to be done. Excellent workers maybe recruited to come back to the Imperial City to work for them there.

Imperial Engineers should they be encountered by players can be found inspecting the Imperial roads, or other important structures. They may have a Bodyguard with them likely a Bushi from their Clan.

These Tortoise may also be seen speaking to important NPCs informing them that they have Imperial Authority to recruit the local peasantry for labor.

General Roleplaying Hints

Typically Engineers will use minimal pleasantries, they will inform anyone who would cause trouble for workers or their projects, when it comes to projects the Tortoise will not ask, they tell. Any bucking or pressing will include minimal negotiations. Bribes maybe taken as long as the lands would be in true danger should work not be put on hold, famine etc. Likely Bribes will be used to hire a different work force.

Be blunt, not threatening. Your job is more important than petty concerns, the Empire runs on it's roads and infrastructure, it's not your fault if others can't rise above their pretty concerns. If other have an issue with you tell them to talk to your Daymio.

Game Ideas

Rot Below the Shell
The Engineer as the bad guy.

The Badly Build Bridge
A mystery with the Engineer involved.

Battle for the Road
The players need to insure road repairs are completed.

Tax Collectors

The task of going to the local Lords and asking for their taxes is not a particularly nice ones. Often accompanied by Emerald Magistrates to perform this task. The Tax Collectors have more to do then just bring Koku and Rice to the Imperial City. The Tortoise carefully check the local economy things must always appear fair after all.

Some times things need to be negotiated. Some times they need to take the odd bribe, if someone is pushed too much then there maybe an unwanted war. Sometimes war might be needed. The Otomo work closely with the Tortoise during tax time letting the Tortoise know who to press and who to help find solutions for.

General Roleplaying Hints

Tax Collectors can be anything from Sympathetic to Cruel, generally the Tortoise will pick the manner which gives them the best results. They will generally act as professional as possible. The Courtiers of the Tortoise, this group also is more respectful in general. Tax time is tense for all involved and no one wishes violence.

For these Tortoise talk to my Daymio tends to be a phrase only uttered when all other venues have failed.

Game Ideas

The Tax Thief
Tax Man Appears to be Skimming off the Top.

Missing Page
Tortoise's child goes missing while Taxes are being accounted for.

Hidden Rice
A Tax Man goes missing, the players are sent to find him but do they really want to?

Documentation Officers

Working everywhere from Boarder Officials to Port Officers the Documentation officers of the Tortoise have a good eye for Forgeries and a good memory for official mons and signatures.

On the boarder of one clan to another they tend to be accompanied by Clan Magistrates, they check boarder papers making sure that only those with official permission cross into other's territory.

Tortoise also give out and check papers at any Ports owned and operated by the Imperial Holdings. Some times they may be on hand to look at papers at the ports of others encase there is a problem or if something is suspicious.

General Roleplaying Hints

These Tortoise tend to spend their time sitting and waiting for someone to come by, many of them have games or smoking pipes, they make baize faces that hide the real scrutiny. Most Tortoise are paying much closer attention than anyone would like.

Often described as stern or gruff, these Tortoise will cause major problems for anyone showing up with forge papers.

Game Ideas

No Passage
The player's Papers are rejected.

Bad Papers
There is a source of forged papers players must find it.

Pirate's Prize
A Tortoise is giving proper port documents to someone who seems unworthy.

Can I Play One?

Tortoise have a Unique position in the Empire, they are so low that they are almost Ronin or Peasants, but their Clan claims the Emperor as their Daymio, they have no real home lands, but the manage everyone else's.

Most find themselves nervous when they are around. And many find them insufferably arrogant.

Now you find one of your players giving you this wiki page and saying, can I play this? Well there are a couple of ways that this can be handled. An all Tortoise game could be very different. Going across the land saying in exotic places. Deciding to repair roads or bridges, way stations, do ghosts need to be removed from an Imperial Road?

Have your party at a Boarder Post, maybe the Emerald Champion has found something odd and wants more security? Maybe the position is normal.

Tax collecting can be another thing. Maybe it's a Seasonal job that the Tortoise only undertakes once a year.

None of these Options may fit your game there are other options.

Your Tortoise may have been given a position as an Emerald Magistrate, after impressing the Emerald Champion. Maybe the Tortoise's father is owed a favour by one of the player's parents and the Tortoise is coming along to see the Empire with the players before settling in for the Clan's Duties.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful. If the Tortoise tries to throw their weight around too much feel free to have the Acting Daymio have a very hash talk with them.

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