An older peasant woman who serves the Bayushi family, she was the Nanny of the current Clan Champion Bayushi Yori, asked to be his sole female caretaker when his mother pulled away to deal with her illness. Her own son was adopted as a sibling and playmate for Yori, and also cared for Manabu when he was born.

Currently she holds a revered mother position in the Household despite her low birth.


Young Nanny

A servant girl who was employed in the house of the Scorpion Clan Champion she was renown to be quite lovely, she took up taking care of Yori when his mother abandoned him and not only took over as mother to the heir but became very close to the Clan Champion. He would often seek her company and she spent much time with him.

When the Nanny became pregnant with no father forth coming the Champion even adopted her bastard son Kioshi who would be raised side by side with Yori.

Third Boy

When the Scorpion Clan Champion's third son was born, he was mainly raised by the Nanny who was no longer quite as young. Manabu's mother did take a greater interest in her son's life than Yori's however Manabu still spent a large amount of time being cared for by the Nanny, especially if he was ill or poorly behaved.

He called her Umma along with the other boys, weather this is her name or a cute nickname is hard to tell for outsiders.

The Daymio's Death

When the Scorpion Clan Champion was found dead many things including Umma's own standing were in question. Her one and only goal seemed to be to get the boys through their father's death, offering emotional support for she lacked the ability to give any political advice or support.

Old Age

Umma is an old woman now especially by peasant standards, She is kept quite comfortably by the three brothers and has even taken up a Grandmother role to their own families.

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