Insular Insights

One would think that coming from a notable Clan as I have, I would know where to start a journal like this, as such I do not and I can hear many honored ancestors weeping in shame now.

Let me begin here. I am Kakita Tomoko, once only daughter and brother to three very unfortunate minor Kakita members. My parents and brother now rest with the ancestors and I was brought up, not only by another Kakita, but in status as well. My "Honored Uncle" Kakita Tatsuya is brother to our Clan's Head, Kakita Kimihoshi. I shall dwell not upon the past much, but to say this… "Honored Uncle" I am no longer under your wing and can see how wrong you were with "your" outlook on the other clans! (more later dear journal, footsteps approach and I must be rested before morning)

Things seem to have not gone well since leaving home diary. Along the journey to Scorpion lands, we stopped over at Masu's Guidance (talk about being in a den of lions) and Nakano and I have unwittingly saved the life of the Akodo Daimyo's missing son Yasu. (really did not want to become famous for saving a Lion's heir) I had no idea that there were so many shadow tainted users this side of the Wall. Needless to say I was much happier leaving Lion lands but even more disinhearted entering the lands of assassins, liars and thieves.

Since I am writing this from memory (we leave for Phoenix lands today), I shall summerize things as quickly as I can. The celebration went well for the Scorpion Daimyo, although I believe I may have commited a few faux pas whilst enjoying the local brew. I think I may have insulted the neice of the Daimyo, when she said that she would defeat all comers at the Topaz Tournament, which led to my defeat in a duel against the Empress. (YES I said the Empress) To be honest, I still do not think she will do very well.

I met a Daimyo of the Crab there and am currently in a match of Go with him via courier. I also saw twin Dragons there and gave them the evil eye. (after all, they deserve no less) I left Scorpion lands with Nakano and an Emerald Magistrate (and a Scorpion Wakizashi gifted by Bayushi Kyoshi himself) headed to Phoenix lands, with a very bleak stopover in Lion lands yet again.

Our stay in Lion lands was thankfully brief, yet again troublesome. I think I almost started a war with the Crane and Lion when I was introduced to the Matsu Daimyo. (I think I may have to have Nakano explain exactly what happened, I still don't think I did anything wrong.) Good news from that front though… I believe the Lion may owe the Crane a debt for indeed recovering and then saving Matsu Yasu's life again, for he is indeed the son of the Akodo Daimyo!

Well, this is all for now dearest diary, more will come when we arrive in Phoenix lands!

Oh dearest diary, where does one start when one knows they should not? I am afraid I cannot tell you of our visit to the Phoenix lands, I will not add more shame to them than they already have experienced. But I do have good news diary… WE ARE HOME AGAIN! We have finally come back to the Kakita Academy to witness the Topaz Tournament! Nakano and I also managed to rescue his uncle, our Sensei, the Peasant Crane! Nankano's familyis quite the interesting one as well. I did not have that much time to discuss thoughts with them before returning to the Academy. I will say this much, my talk with Aunt Kimihoshi was an interesting one and I believe I may interact better with the other Clans now. Although my talk with "Honored Uncle" was a curt and quick one (especially when he thought I had invited Soshi Kori here to wed him! Oh may the fates grant me a husband to cause him an apolexy!) Once again I hate to cut this short, but with so many preparations to make, I know you will understand my duty.

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