Yogo Onegano

Scorpion Clan Emerald Magistrate and member of the Kuroiban. Onegano hates the Shadowland mainly because he loves his wife and children with all his heart. Somewhere in the back of his head Onegano knows he is destine to betray one of his great loves, his wife. His Children or the Empire.

Onegano hunts down servants of the Dark Lord with abandon the more hidden the more effort he put in, it had made him many allies and many enemies. Himself a Kuni, a Phoenix Inquisitor and a Kistuki have joined forces to share information, they call themselves the Guest of Jade and Crystal.


Perfect Love

A respectable young man and then a respectable student. One day his friend brought his younger sister with him to the Yogo Castle and Onegano fell instantly in completely lust with her. Yogo Takara who was studying as a Bayushi Courtier was delighted by Onegano's advances and returned his affections. At some point the two of them stopped playing games with one another and fell madly in love.

After falling in love Onegano's efforts doubled his research and efforts at learning. He was offered a place in the Kuroiban School. Due to his good standing his parents and Takara's arranged the two of them be engaged.

Great things were expected of Onegano and he planned to deliver.

Guest of Emerald

After Onegano went through his Gempukku he was made a Magistrate by the Family. He selected for himself an eta he called Luggage, to touch things he could not. He soon distinguished himself in investigations, rooting out members of Lord Moon's cult becoming friends with a Kuni Witch Hunter Kuni Isamu and his sister Kuni Akiko (Isamu's Body Guard.).

The three friends rooted out a conspiracy, becoming allied with an Isawa Inquisitor named Tenkazu and Kitsuki Masakuni. They had all been searching for the same Cult instead of trying to conceal anything or getting in one another's way the group decided to pool their resources and together rooted one of the major and more dangerous Moon Cults In Otosan Uchi.

the group caught the eye of the Emerald Champion and anyone in the group not already an Emerald Magistrate was made one.

The Scorpion's Hate

The group kept in contact with one another, Kuni Isamu said that each Clan had brought something special and Onegano brought the group an intensive massive hate. Not a hot fire that burned but a slow growing burning a methodical patient, focused anger, taking it's time to destroy the focus of it's vengeance.

The group worked with one another so often they started to call themselves the Guests of Jade and Crystal. Creating an information and support network, helping one another to uncover those who would harm the empire. When ever the group writes about themselves wanting to keep themselves secret Onegano is called Hatred.

Sorrowful Marriage

The happiest and saddest days of Onegano's life was his wedding day. He married his true love and the sweetheart of his youth. When a Yogo marries they dye symbolically regardless of gender regardless of who is giving up who's name. It's an old wise tale that by dying you can fool the curse into thinking that it's too late to claim you.

Yogo weddings and Yogo funerals are almost the same event. Guests come and mourn and are encouraged to weep and act as if the couple are dead.

The celebration only takes place at what is like a wake the party guest celebrate the "life" of the couple and talk about how great their marriage would have been. The couple wear white masks like are worn to pretend to be ghosts.

A year after their wedding came the next day that may have been his happiest and saddest, the birth of their first child. A little girl, with his smile, two years after that sad and happy again. A little boy with his wife's smile.

Onegano has doubled his effort for his preemptive revenge on the Shadow Lands. He loves his wife. He loves his children and he loves his Empire. He will betray one of them but he's going to take as many servants of the one who gave him this curse. He was sworn the Shadow Lands and it's minions will curse the day they gave the Yogo this curse.


Roleplaying hints

You are a Scorpion but you don't let it get in your way. You are friendly and courteous and kind when you can afford to be. When it comes to the Shadowlands you will drop what ever you can to go and destroy it. You try to educate others, not too much too much information about blood magic just brings about more blood magic.

Be helpful when ever you can but never to the determent of the Scorpion, hurting your Clan would just be another trap the curse wants you to fall into. When ever it comes down to questioning let Luggage hold the rod, let the victim know he likes it.



The Eta called Luggage once had a different name, he doesn't entirely recall it anymore. He had an early talent for knowing investigation and anatomy. Working at one of the local crematoriums caring for the dead. He cared for the dead like one of his own almost feeling a connection to them.

He had a wife and a son when he wasn't working he had his own little world and for a time he forgot he was only half human. Then he came home one day and his family was dead. FOr what insult they were cut down he didn't know. He would never know. He hated them though. Whomever killed his family he imagined his rage being like an ant who's gone off to take food from a kitchen and come home to find someone has pour boiling water down the ant hill.

Shortly after he was sold off to a Young Samurai who needed an eta to touch things he needed to investigate which would be inaporate for him, make inporoper observations. Maybe he would have hated the young Samurai too if he hadn't on some level reminded him of his son. The young Samurai wasn't as young as the eta's child it was the youth of the young man.

The Eta was very quiet. So very quiet that when a boarder patrol asked the young Samurai what he has with him he replied, "Just my luggage." The name stuck.

The young Samurai would talk to himself on journeys one day Luggage thought that he was being spoken to and responded. There was an awkward moment the two of them were silent, then Onegano replied back. For the first time the two of them started talking. Luggage proved himself to be clever and intelligent, observations easily made for the dead and the living.

Luggage could move around other eta and get information on things that come out of the garbage and other useful things Onegano didn't even think of before.

One day Onegano was questioning an older Samurai, the man was belligerent, rude and refused to answer any questions. They weren't in a major city and there was no one to rough up the Samurai for the Scorpion. Then the older man spit. He didn't hit Onegano but he almost did and Luggage hauled back and slugged the man.

The room got very quiet Luggage felt great. Finally he got to hit a Samurai like he imagine whomever had killed his family being like. It felt so good. Then Luggage slowly started to wonder, had he over stepped his bounds. Had he finally crossed the boundary that would make Onegano kill him? Was this one step too far?

"Luggage." Onegano said calmly. "Hit him again."

Luggage smiled and struck the man again.

He was sloppy at first. He knew what torture looked like and what hurting someone was like but he had never picked it up. He had always been told an eta who tortures is an eta reborn as an eta. Oh but how he loved to hurt Samurai. It felt like in a way all of the sorrow, all of the rage all of the loss could be channeled into his work.

He was actually happier after he took up this new duties. He could get some dominance of the people who had taken so much from him and he had Onegano who he had grown very fond of.


When Onegano is around other Samurai Luggage is a dutiful eta. He Is humble, and barely speaks only offering information when spoken too. If Onegano drops anything he will take it and deposes of them(or keeps them if it's something he can use.). If there is someone he's torturing his behavior changes. He likes to hurt people for Onegano. He doesn't hide this regardless of who is around.

In front of just Onegano he is polite but talkative and witty. If someone has gotten friendly and informal enough with Onegano and Luggage, Luggage might show this side off as well.

If Onegano is talking with anyone doing anything immoral, illegal or other eta he is a quietly arrogant after all, he's the possession of an Imperial Magistrate, he does see himself above most eta, particularly those who see themselves above him because of his profession as a torturer. Who are they to decide who's work is less dirty after all after he washes the blood off of his hands he no longer stinks.

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